Anna Mitchell reveals the release of her second album on November 10th under licence to Tonetoaster Records in Germany. The self titled ten track album was recorded by the Irish songstress in 2017 with her band in Cork in the seething January cold under the watchful eye of engineer and co producer Brendan Fennessy. This album certainly signifies a departure from Anna’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Down to the bone’ from 2015 which was more of a brooding night time ballad alt-Americana album full of dreamy guitars and swarming pedal steel. Her self titled second album is a record made with confidence, intuition and empathy, assuredly alternating between sparse, atmospheric grooves and slightly gnarled, expansively lovely distorted grungy folk, rock.

The journey that Ireland’s Anna Mitchell takes us on throughout her self titled second album has you walking in the shoes of many different characters, only to find that you are walking the twisted road back to your own home again. As albums must, this one whisks you away and makes you listen to the tails of lost and found souls who walk among us in this world that we so unfairly share, with the sometimes reassurance and sometimes desperation of Anna’s voice echoing in the corners of your head.


This self titled album comes over two years after the stunning debut Down to the bone which brought Anna on an almost constant year and a half touring in Germany, The Netherlands, The U.S and the U.K. Including some exciting recording projects including featuring on a live album recorded in Woodstock with Simone Felice and The Felice Brothers which was subsequently released on Warner Australia, all the while being an active member of Ireland’s John Blek & The Rats. Anna even found time to write while touring the states and many of those songs made the cut for this album.


After catching her breath from a whirlwind of touring and recording, Anna settled in and finished writing her second album, which she then brought to her band to be rehearsed up for the studio album. The album was recorded in a cold January in Ireland with a talented band of well respected Irish musicians, including Brian Hassett on bass (Mick Flannery/John Blek & the Rats), Alan Comerford on guitar (O Emperor/ Mick Flannery) and Davie Ryan on drums (The Hard Ground/Notify), all under the watchful eye of co producer and engineer Brendan Fennessy (O Emperor). Hours in the studio were spent hashing out the songs, eating pasta sandwiches for strength, drinking pots of Barry’s tea and the occasional visit from the studio goats made the recording of the album a cosy and memorable one.

The initial blustery rock ‘n’ roll impact only adds to the albums spectrum with a seasoned band capable of swooning and swaying throughout dreamlike soundscapes and hypnotic grooves. The album’s tone varies from the back room bar brawl of ‘Get Out’  to the the hypnotic “Never Learn” and the epic ‘Better Life’, demonstrating a confidence in the performer and an assurance of what is being said.

You might  hear echoes of; Pj Harvey, Sharon Van Etten, Portishead, The Posies, Fleetwood Mac, O Emperor, Nick Cave, Lana Del Ray, Angel Olsen, Mick Flannery, Lucinda Williams, The Felice Brothers, Hurray For The Riff Raff.

Both Anna Mitchell and the album contain ruminations of what you feel, why you feel and how this shapes us.  This is an album Anna has put her name to, something that’s private but comfortable enough to be shared, a personal celebration.


Anna and band will be touring in The Netherlands and Germany in October and November 2017 to coincide with the album release by Tonetoaster Records. The album will subsequently be released in Ireland in January 2018 followed by a tour of Ireland in Spring 2018.



“If David Lynch were to reset Blue Velvet in the wilds of West Cork, then Anna Mitchell’s evocative, dark songs of life and love’s painful kiss would sit well on the soundtrack” (Joe Breen) ★ ★ ★ ★- The Irish Times
“Anna Mitchell debuts beautifully on her album, her soft singing is like being kissed better”- Mark Watkins, Blast FM U.K
“fully formed, deeply crafted, a serene songwriting experience produced and performed with pristine precision,.”- Thelastmixedtape.com
‘stark and startling, love, loss, hope and desperation are all explored’ – Irish Mirror
‘Hauntingly Beautiful’- RTE.ie
“Anna Mitchell burrows to the marrow on ‘Down to the Bone,’ . The Irish singer-songwriter-keyboardist with the Appalachian soul polishes these dusky jewels with a spacious, searching piano and a voice that’s earthy, ethereal and full of resonant hollows. Guided by an emotional compass, she roams haunted rooms with stained-glass windows.- Geoff Gehman ‘Wise Lullabies for Brave Adults’ Mauch Chunk -USA
From the very first track there is an arresting beauty to Anna Mitchell’s debut album. – GoldenPlec